Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy consists of all the info that we get from your side and all the measures that ensure the ways of collecting, using, and sharing that info. So, read this policy menu carefully and analyze your legal rights.

Who are we

We are Kentwell Consultants Limited – a leading name in the world of visa immigration consultation services in central London. Being a registered company with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), We use your data under the regulation of the Data Protection Act 2018, which is effective on May 25, 2018, as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It mainly applies across the European Union (EU), including the UK. We assure all your personal data is safe and are responsible as a “controller” for GDPR motives.

We subject all the personal info you provide here to the GDPR and Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom and the European Union legislation, along with our pro version of confidentiality.

What data do we get from your side?

We collect your;

  • Name, email, address, and phone number
  • Info for accreditation your identity inspection and verification
  • Info about all the affairs for which you want to take our expert pieces of advice

What other info can we get from your side why you have instructed us?

You are obliged to give us some other data to move forward with your inquiry to take our services. If you would not provide all the info which has been asked for you, we won’t pursue your application or maybe delay our services provide to you.

It includes;

  • The details of your Tax as well as National Insurance
  • All the details of your building society and bank info
  • Your spouse and any other family member details
  • All the details of your job designation entailing pay package with other benefits as well
  • The whole records of your medical and job history
  • Your all past convictions with any other essential data subjected to follow your instructions
  • And any other relevant info that assesses your eligibility as a visa client

How we use your Personal Info

Generally, we have to use your personal info to discuss your affairs with our colleagues to subject consent with our professional duties.

Besides our experts, some other professionals may overview your data to recur the whole matter. There may include medical professionals, barristers, lenders, etc.

Moreover, our experts, accountants, insurers, and other advisory members, along with external auditors and banks, may also track your data.

At times, we have to unveil and exchange your data with some regulatory bodies in order to follow our legal obligations and regulations, such as National Crime Agency (NCA) for dealing with money laundering and other criminal prosecutions.

Your Rights in our Privacy Policy

We grant a wide room for you to exercise your rights free of any cost. Thus;

  • You have the right to rectify all the errors (if they happen) in your given info
  • You have the right to remove personal info related to any situation
  • You have the right to get all the personal info that you have given us in a well-optimized and machine-readable format, along with the consent to transform all of the data to an arbitrator
  • You have the right of objection at any time to process personal info related to direct marketing
  • You have the right to protest against any decision that is taken by mechanical means producing any legitimate effects limited to you
  • You have a right to object to any litigation while your data processing, and in certain situations, you may constrain to cancel further proceedings whenever you want

How we use Cookies

As you dive into Kentwell Consultants, a small file has been produced in the form of Cookies that asks to be allowed to be placed on your PC’s hard drive.

We have the right to use some of the cookies to proceed with the normal function of our site. For those, you aren’t restricted to allow or place them on your gadget. These are specific types of cookies that play vital roles in the regular web

functioning of our site. So, we don’t switch them off in our systems. Mainly, these cookies are responsible to set your privacy preferences and keep save log-in details and form filings. You have choices to block or accept them.

Apart from these, some other cookies permit us to figure out our site’s traffic. Thus, we can analyze and monitor our site performance and ensure all the possible improvements. Because these cookies assist us to identify our more or less popular pages. Interestingly, you ought to allow these cookies, because if you don’t allow them, we will not be able to find you in our site searches.

In addition, some other keys are also significant for our site performance. They are essential keys to enhancing our site functionality. Most probably, when there is arbitration that provides services to our site. If you allow them, all the pages of our site can perform accurately and vice versa.

How you can contact us

To get further details or sort any query, you may contact us on the given contact details;

Our Email Address:

Our Phone Number: 020 3983 2259