Innovator Visa

For all the businessmen or investors who have about £50,000 to invest lawfully, the Innovator Visa category fits for them. All those candidates who want to get entry clearance or leave to stay probably must have been sanctioned in this category of an endorsing body. Moreover, any person is eligible for the Innovator Visa category to apply for, whether an employer or employee. 

Innovator Business Plan

To be conceded a visa by Innovator Visa category (‘new business’), the candidates’ business should meet the accompanying prerequisites:

Innovation The candidate must run a veritable, unique, and genuine business plan that meets the latest or contemporary requirements of the market and generates a competitive benefit.
Viability The candidate must have the basic skill sets, knowledge, expertise, and market awareness to maintain the business effectively.
Scalability There must be authentication of organized preparation, work creation capabilities, and development into the public as well as global business sectors.

Innovator Application Process

In order to analyze your business strategy, you have to provide some details to some extent.

Submit your Business Plan

The endorsing body evaluates each strategy against a strict paradigm. Those who score exceptionally will be given a proposal to join the program

Your CV

Your CV highlights the knowledge of your experience in both academic and professional background over the endorsing body. The whole info, including your personal profile, work insight, and educational credentials ought to be present in it.

Feedback and Proposal

The proposal will consist of feedback specifying in support of endorsing body trust you requisite and commercial terms.

Claim Your Visa Endorsement

You can get your Visa Endorsement from an endorsing body when you are officially occupied with the programme.

Endorsement (‘new business’ and ‘same business’)

In order to apply for Innovator Visa, candidates ought to submit an endorsement letter approved by an endorsement body. 

For a ‘new business’, the endorsing body will survey the business proposal of the candidates and make a decision whether it fulfills the above trials for innovation, feasibility, and scalability or not.

Assuming this is the case, it will give specific data about the candidates and their business to the Home Office in the endorsement letter. The letter should be dated within 90 days of the date of the immigration application.

If the endorsing body is issuing the investment funds or verifying the candidate has the proper available investment funds or previously invested their assets in the business.

The endorsement letter should affirm this. If not, the candidate should provide proof of their investment funds along with their application. 

For the ‘same business’, it has to confirm by the endorsing body that;

The candidate has declared huge accomplishments against the previous endorsement evaluation of the business plan.

  • The candidate’s business is enlisted with Companies House, and whether the candidate is registered as a member or director of the declared business or not. 
  • The business is dynamic and on-go to trade.
  • According to the resources and anticipated pay since the last one-year minimum, the business seems to emerge more durable than its current and organized values. 
  • In order to manage and develop the business, the candidate needs to actively participate on a regular basis.

Endorsing bodies are listed here.

Investment Funds

The candidate of Innovator Visa must have an investment of about £50,000 to invest and grow more in their business. It can be the amount that’s already invested in the business. Anyhow, if it’s confirmed by the endorsing letter that funds already exist or are invested. Then no need to show evidence further in order to invest in their business. 

The assets might be from;

  • The funds of candidates’ own investment
  • An organization of the UK that employs a minimum of 10 individuals
  • An overseas or UK organization that hires individuals a minimum of 10, 


  • An outsider

Maintenance funds

According to Appendix P, the leading candidate has to own a minimum of £945 or £630 specific for each dependent accessible, enlisted for 90 days time frame, in a regulated monetary organization.

English language requirements

An innovator visa candidate has to fulfill the given requirements in order to meet the Secure English Language test listed in Appendix O;

  • The candidate has to pass the English Language test at CEFR level B2
  • The candidate must belong to mainly a country of native English speakers
  • The candidate must have a degree that was entirely covered in the English language and manifested by UK NARIC equivalence 

Visa extension

An endorsement letter is a basic requirement for both extension as well as the settlement stage while applying for Innovator Visa. With a focus on applying for a stay extension, the applicant must have to meet some prerequisites, such as;

  • Candidates must carry on a UK business or mean to join another business.
  • Candidates must have an established business and lead to an endorsement solely related to it for the earlier visa. 
  • Candidates should have a minimum of £50,000 investment funds to initiate a new journey for their business, and an approved body must evaluate the new business model.
  • Without dependence on public funding, candidates should have enough assets to meet their own expenses. 
  • Candidates can add all those subordinates mainly encompassed within their application to extend,  including those children who have tucked within 18 years while staying in the United Kingdom.


The Innovator Visa applicant’s business journey must meet any of the two given requirements;

  • Minimum £50,000 has been invested into the business and actively consumed accelerating the business plan evaluated in the previous endorsement of the candidate. 
  • In the last 3 years, the number of business clients has doubled. Moreover, it’s right now higher than the mean number of clients for other UK organizations which offer comparable main products or services.
  • The business has been occupied with critical activities of research and development and has applied in the United Kingdom for intellectual property (IP) protection. 
  • The business has produced at least £1 million annual gross revenue in the recent whole year is covered by its account. 
  • The business is producing at least £50,000 annual gross revenue in the last full year covered by its account, with a minimum of £100,000 from exporting abroad. 
  • The business has generated a minimum of 10 full-time jobs particularly for dwelling employees. 
  • The business must be designed to grant at least five jobs with a minimum salary range of £25,000 as gross pay per annum, particularly for already present employees. 

Swapping to Innovator Visa category

All the candidates from the given categories may be capable of shifting into the available Start up or Innovator Visa, if they meet the criteria;

  • Start up visa
  • Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur (No closed)
  • Tier 2 visa
  • A visitor who has been endeavoring recognized activities being a prospective businessman, as per mentioned in Appendix V

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If you have about £50,000 for investing in a business in the UK, you can directly apply for the innovator visa. However, if you couldn’t invest such an amount right now. Move to the start up visa first, and then you ought to apply for the innovator visa.  

The endorsing body must have to follow all the requirements depending on which your business will operate. Not only this, your application timing, your business planning, and any sort of support service considered to be important for your business has to be managed by the endorsing body.

Some specific parameters have to be followed in this case. The applicant of the Innovator Visa has to own a business with a minimum of £50,000 for investment. Apart from this, there must be enough assets to survive for at least a year and have some public funding.